Diaspora la protestele din 10 august: AL (41 de ani, Bruxelles)

Incepand de acum, incarcam cateva texte scrise, in romana sau engleza, de membri ai diasporei care au participat la Bucuresti la protestul de pe 10 august. 

Al doilea text: A.L.

I wouldn’t focus entirely on the diaspora for the events of the week-end. We are all Romanian citizens and by what happened on Friday the entire country was harmed in ways that are still difficult to assess.

At a personal level, I felt sorrow and I cried the entire night. I cried because that night Romania was not a democracy and this was so obvious. I fear that the people in government who can harm the Romanian citizens as they did on Friday and orchestrate such violent events are capable of even more deceitful actions.

Since February 2017 I was longing to participate in the protests in Romania, but I couldn’t as I live and work in Brussels. When I heard about the diaspora’s protest on 10 August, I didn’t think twice. I knew I had to be there. I perceived it as an excellent chance to bring my contribution to the good of the community. The protests have been so far a useful tool to limit the abusing tendencies of this government. I wanted to be a part of that.

I like to think that a diaspora protested happened because we are Europeans. We can travel easily – we have the freedom to move, the freedom to think and the right to express ourselves freely. These are European values and we have to defend them wherever we are.

I felt the entire evening that the police was there not to protect us, but to use any opportunity they had to somehow harm us and overall discredit the protest. In the area of the square where I was sitting there was no trouble maker when gases were thrown at us. We ran, we cried and we came back.

Seeing the police in combat gear was frightful. That night my instincts were telling me that I could be a direct victim of their violence and that they could have beaten me for no reason. Now, after a few days, we already know that this has happened to other peaceful people in the streets of Bucharest. I was just lucky that it was not me.


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